Monthly Archives: December 2010

Successfully moved my Blog!

I was very close in thinking that it may not happen, and I’m still not sure if it quite has (completely) but in the mean time, it’s working on my different web server.

You can view my brand spanking new Frantik Blog here – which will have a whole host of the more technical posts. I will probably work on moving the majority from here to there as well.

I should also take this opportunity in wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading!


Girls, act your age!

I honestly don’t get why girls always want to act or try and be older than they really are. Getting pissed outta your face doesn’t look cool love. Certainly not in public, I don’t want to have to peel you up off the floor or make sure you get picked up safe! (Hypocrytical)

And to be honest, why when you’re under eighteen do you want to be eighteen so bad… I will tell you now that’s it’s not all that great. You get to go to a nightclub and buy alcohol yourself but really tell me what’s so good about wanting to be older?

Enjoy your life whilst you can, and don’t waste it on wanting to be the adult. Act your age, you’ll thank me for it later! Take that from someone ‘who’s been there and done that’ yeah?

And the other thing – if you’re going to hit on a guy who’s over eighteen when you’re not that old, don’t – because guess what. They won’t be interested. And if they are they should be asking themselves why!