Monthly Archives: July 2010

BlackBerry: Back To Black!

BlackBerry 9700 front and back

I opted out of getting a new iPhone and decided to get a BlackBerry (I like to call them CrackBerry)

I had previously used an LG GT505. I dropped this in the toilet (don’t ask!)  soon after getting it but it had done it’s fair share after I had gotten it working again by thoroughly drying it out….

I had decided I’d gotten bored of having a touch screen. So in due course opted for a BlackBerry 9700 – it’s great, it syncs with my Mac, the keyboard looks small but it’s very usable and I have big hands. I am very pleased with it!

It does everything I want of it at the minute.

I shall update when I come across things I like.

Please note: the battery life isn’t great when you have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Facebook app, Twitter app, and MySpace app, as well as the email being pushed to your phone. Switch these off to preserve battery life. On the other hand it is a smarthphone. Oh, and the camera isn’t amazing, but then I have a camera if you want good photos!

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