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Dropbox – what an amazing piece of software!

I know a million and one people have written about Dropbox, but I really do think it’s great. I am using it to manage my NVQ work at the minute – so I have it all in one place and can edit it from more than one location.

It keeps everything synchronized which is wonderful.

The free option is free (obviously) but the paid options offer more space – there is also the option to get an upgrade which gives you access to unlimited previous versions or backups of files.

I highly recommend it.

Web site:

A day at the seaside!

Slightly belated, as this was now last weekend (the 24th April) but I will now write about it as it was a nice day out. It was my Dad’s B’Day on the 21st, and as the weather had been nice that week, he had decided to go somewhere nice for the day.

So we set off to Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast. A nice, tranquil little place, without chavs, and many pristine looking Topshop look-alike peoples who walked their dogs and wore flip flops and sweatshirts and stripy polo shirts as if they’d just got off their sailing yacht.

I personally hated this and the several shops that sold this clothing at extortionate prices, and the fish and chip shop that opened for two hours over lunch, closed, and then opened at dinner again. And the pubs that probably closed at 9.30pm, as for night life I’m sure this would have been interesting.

It was a nice place, a lot nicer than Brighton, or those garish holiday resorts on further up the East Coast.