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FreeNAS: The ‘Free’ network storage solution!


In an attempt to save money, and my ability to ‘acquire’ an old PC, I was recommended a piece of software called FreeNAS. I currently have some extra HDD’s in my PowerMac G5 which I share over the network using SharePoints. This works very well and I’ve set up a couple of AppleScript scripts which I’ve saved as apps, to mount these shares. Work’s very well all in all, and hasn’t failed me yet.

What would make more sense is if it wasn’t a G5 which consumes lots of power, and was something small and quiet that I could pick up from work (old PC being chucked out).

I therefore ended up with a 2.8Ghz P4 machine with a gig of RAM which I will soon be kitting out with a 500Gb drive or 1Tb drive (internal) to use as a storage device. I have now got FreeNAS installed on a USB stick (very quick and easy, had it set up in about 1hr) and boots in no time.

What’s nice about FreeNAS is that it doesn’t have a GUI so there’s nothing to load. It has a Web interface instead, although you can also set the IP address and what not from the device itself. But overall it’s great, I can power it on and off as a headless unit, and can get some nifty logs as well and status graphs from the web interface.

All in all, this will probably have saved me over £100!

You can’t write in English; but you’re still a human.

This is an interesting thought I had the other day, consisting of many many incidences of coming across people (yes, normal people) not being able to write or speak English yet they grace our streets and mix with us. Yo tlk liiiike dis ennit bruv and shIT &&& need to put unnecessary symbols in your writing. (I mean no offense, but your shortening of your words actually increases the length of the phrase you are writing.)

I began to think, who is to blame? Which part of society has let them down. Should their parents be blamed for not helping them, or supporting them through their education, or should their families be blamed for being a bad influence? Should the Government be blamed for not doing enough to help?

The fact is, in my opinion, that these are normal human beings. They are scrutinised for their behaviour, but what are you doing to help them?

Help them along, don’t treat them like aliens, they deserve to be here as much as you, you ignorant prick! Of course, I’m not suggesting them acting or behaving this way is a good thing – in fact I am saying quite the opposite, that it is quite unfortunate that they had to turn out this way. Listen to some metal, it might help!

Mind over matter

I can’t say the last few weeks have been fun, nor can I say the last couple of weeks have made me happy. I am happiest when I’m not at home or work, as work is bringing me down lately and frankly me staying at home consists of me living in my room (to be expected at my age, I guess).

I continue thinking that the next day will be better, and that things will change but I have come to realise who cares? Who cares what I do, or say. I make myself feel worse, by telling other people how I feel but know that I am then upsetting or annoying the few people I can call ‘friends’ by doing this!

I therefore keep my thoughts to myself, which realistically isn’t a good thing. I build this anger up, and am fueled so much by this anger, that I am worried one day it will leave me and be vented on someone or thing that really shouldn’t deserve it. I also know that I must live on, to fulfill my dream, and destiny. I don’t want your sympathy, and I certainly don’t want any pity.

Thinking so deeply about this, leads me to thinking about such things as suicide (as one does, some of the feelings I have felt I can’t fathom to describe) but also leads me to think about why you would want to waste something, you’ll only ever have one chance to use, if you get what I’m saying. Ending one’s life is not the answer. Maybe I’m being too dramatic.

Alcohol does not help depression, apart from causing me to feel tired it doesn’t do a lot. I prefer water if you ask me. Some people choose to waste their life by taking drugs (which upsets me) so I choose not to ‘hang around with them’. I smoke, so what. Compared with drugs and alcohol all in all it’s not that bad.

I could go on, but to be honest I hate complaining (oh, the irony). Live strong! Bare with me!

“Stand up for what you believe in and you can make a difference. Never back down, Never give up, and Never give in!”