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Bad Flavors!

Withflavorsout much warning from, my original non blog site is defunct!

Looking at the Twitter feed it looks like many people did not receive an email to see the site was shut down, so I have had to make adjustments.

My domain now permanently redirects to /blog (this site). I have added a Contact form also. This is mainly due to me being lazy and not wanting to spend time adding a landing page; I cheated in the end anyway, adding the previous site in an iframe rather than paying for the Flavors Premium subscription to add a domain etc.

Let me know if there is anything else you want to see here specifically?


My blog got hacked but now I’m back!

My site recently got hacked. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t have any real-time alerts so my only way of finding out was from a Google email notification as I had registered with Google Webmasters (recommend you do the same).

I had found that the hackers had accessed my WordPress blog and database and added redirects to another site involved with essay writing – go figure! It makes absolutely no sense and from what I could see was doing nothing other than redirecting to another site.

Luckily, I keep full directory backups, and database backups, every time I do a full version update of WordPress and the last backup I had was December ’16. I had only posted one additional post and made some minor changes since then (I’ve been slacking).

Everything would have been relatively straight forward had phpMyAdmin displayed a logical error message when trying to import an oversized SQL file (70+Mb). After much deliberation I decided to set up a local install using a MAMP stack, courtesy of Bitnami, to try and work out why the database wasn’t importing. Voila, on my test site everything imported without any problems.

I then took to HostGator who actually have a page explaining what to do with oversized databases (here) and a section called Your import file is too large! under common issues! So I got on their webchat and 15 minutes later they had imported the database successfully back in situe. Unfortunately unless I pay more for hosting (at the minute I’ve an account on the Whitecherry / Frantik reseller package) I will need to get in touch directly every time I want to import a database over  50Mb.

I’d like to do a shoutout to WPBeginner and their following page – – it’s a little outdated but the principles remain the same.


Take it to the limit…

There’s no better feeling than driving a car fast… but it shouldn’t be on a public road when you’re not sure how to handle the car in those conditions.

Forgive me for being a grumpy fart, but I’ve seen too many posts on Facebook recently of people I know writing off their cars (thank goodness without too much injury to themselves) but nonetheless totally avoidable.

I really do recommend everyone goes on a skidpan course to be shown how to handle a car in a skid… but really follow the below:

  1.  Leave 2 cars’ distance between you and the car in front
  2. If it’s below 3 Celcius expect ice, even if you can’t see it – so drive slower
  3. If it’s rained heavily after a period of it being dry, the road can be as slippy as an oil or diesel slick – drive slower!

And for all intents and purposes, if you want to “take it to the limit” take the car to the track!

The Eagles always do a great job, and the song which inspired this post is brilliant 🙂

Stay safe, and Merry Christmas!