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Cute things about my cat…

Okay, so my Mazda is still in the garage being worked on, and the nights are drawing in so I’m working on some “catbait” 🙂


Some cute things about my cat include when it knocks at my office door when I’m not in there… and also at night when I go to the loo and it won’t let me go back to sleep as it wants to lay on my chest like it did when it was a kitten (bad habbit) but it’s furry and warm so I don’t mind! He won’t shut up until I lay flat either!

Whilst you’re reading this far, please take a moment to sign the following petition:

Having worked and been associated with Club 85 in Hitchin for many many years, I know first hand what it’s like having people move in to the locality of a long established music venue only to complain about noise levels. To add, most venues need to follow local council regulations for noise anyway. Eg. After 12 or 1 am the PA has to be turned down/off.

Courier Review

You may be thinking that I’m running out of content, which may be partly true, but I tend to find that if you’re running your own business or trying to send items Europe-wide or international, that this may help!

I find that the best services I’ve found for service, both delivery and customer service, are Royal Mail and DPD/Interlink Express.

The online tracking interfaces and websites for both of these services are without a doubt the best I’ve come across.

Then we move on the best to avoid list; I try and steer clear of Yodel and DX Delivery if I can help it. I don’t know how long it takes for them to understand but they have undoubtedly the worst service. I honestly don’t know how you can fail such a simple service. I believe with Yodel the problem lies with the self drive policy.

Hope this helps…

Ten reasons to get a cat!

I don’t really have this many reasons, other than it’s a catchy title and works to get the views… 😉

I had always wanted to get a cat since I’d moved and owned my own house and it was on the ‘list’. I have lots of lists and I always feel satisfied when ticking something off.

So, a cat was on the cards, but it wasn’t until I met my girlfriend that she got the ball rolling. We couldn’t have a dog as we’re both working during the day and it’s cruel to leave it and not good for the psyche of the dog.

A cat on the other hand is fairly independent, you provide it with food and water and a place to sleep and it will be content and provide you with satisfaction through purring and being soft and cuddly and something to talk to without sounding like you’re going crazy!!

So if anyone asks, gets a cat! Ours is faulty though as it squeaks and doesn’t meow so I may need to file an RMA for it to be replaced soon.

Now if you want 14 reasons to get a cat check this link LifeHack – 14 reasons to get a cat 🙂