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Or so the old saying goes…. but it is certainly something I believe in. And what’s to go wrong when you are used to something already, used to a fashion or trend, or in my case a make and model of car.

Yes, yes, I have reverted back and now am driving another MG as my daily driver. The Audi is gone (drinking too much fuel), the Lexus I had as a replacement, really wasn’t an inspiring drive, so I was on the hunt for something that would save me money, on petrol and insurance, and bring the fun back to driving.

And what’s more to love than a mid-engined, rear wheel drive car, putting out 143BHP.

This is truly for the love of cars; the engine, the noise, the feeling of the open air in your hair. Who needs mod-cons, electronic safety assistance or things to interfere with the experience. This thing is back to basics, no nonsense motoring, and it is saving me money afterall. What’s not to love :)

End of an era, wrapping up Death Cap!


Yeah this is a late post, I’ve been a little busy with other projects recently. Which is also a reason why I’ve decided to focus my efforts elsewhere. I’ll still be involved with music over at Club 85 and Rhythms of the World.

I am not going to stop working with music, but this has given me a chance to relax, take a step back, and support other ventures.

In the future I may bring it back, but like all good things, some things are best laid to rest.

To the future!


Keep calm, just bought a house…

Just bought a houseSome of you may already know, but some of you wont, hence the reasoning behind this blog post.

I’ve never been a fan of renting somewhere, certainly when you look at the cost of rent. Luckily my parents have been kind enough to put up with me for this long, and I’ve been able to save my hard earned cash.

Admittedly, when I look at this statistic, I’d probably only been in the position I’m in now as a result of heading straight to work from College and not going to Uni. I’ve saved money into an e-ISA account ever since and have been able to save enough for a deposit. My parents are helping here too which is very kind of them.

If we look harder though at the monthly mortgage repayment rates, they do in fact come in cheaper than your average property rental. So I will in fact have a property I can call my own, and only have to pay bills extra, which makes much more sense to me!

As to location, it’s Northampton which is closer to where I work in Milton Keynes. You go further north from there and property prices start coming right down.

As to what I’ve bought, it’s a 3 bed end of terrace with two parking spaces and a big back garden – big enough for a shed too! A big man shed!

I’m more than happy to answer any questions if you have any about the whole process I’m going through. It’s all totally new to me too and I’m learning as I go.