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2016 – End of year roundup!

This year has been a good one, I think. I have made progress on a personal level with work (found a new job), traveled to new places (Amsterdam, and other locations around England and Wales), made good progress decorating the house and working on the garden.

I have also made progress on my cars, but have definitely made an effort to focus time on other things as well. My girlfriend is very important to me, so I like to spend time with her doing what she enjoys too. We have now been together for nearly two years….. she makes me very happy and has definitely grounded me and I appreciate everything she does (thanks Annabelle!) 🙂

In a recent gift courtesy of The Book of Everyone, my brain consistency is one third “cars”, one third “food” and one third “Berry” (my cat). Life doesn’t always have to be more complicated than it needs to be.

I continue with my freelance work, but have realized that without taking on business contracts I won’t be able to quit the day job. On the plus side that does allow me to charge more and be more picky!

Here’s to wishing that 2017 may be a prosperous year for my friends and family. (And remember your life is what you make it.)

Take it to the limit…

There’s no better feeling than driving a car fast… but it shouldn’t be on a public road when you’re not sure how to handle the car in those conditions.

Forgive me for being a grumpy fart, but I’ve seen too many posts on Facebook recently of people I know writing off their cars (thank goodness without too much injury to themselves) but nonetheless totally avoidable.

I really do recommend everyone goes on a skidpan course to be shown how to handle a car in a skid… but really follow the below:

  1.  Leave 2 cars’ distance between you and the car in front
  2. If it’s below 3 Celcius expect ice, even if you can’t see it – so drive slower
  3. If it’s rained heavily after a period of it being dry, the road can be as slippy as an oil or diesel slick – drive slower!

And for all intents and purposes, if you want to “take it to the limit” take the car to the track!

The Eagles always do a great job, and the song which inspired this post is brilliant 🙂

Stay safe, and Merry Christmas!

Cute things about my cat…

Okay, so my Mazda is still in the garage being worked on, and the nights are drawing in so I’m working on some “catbait” 🙂


Some cute things about my cat include when it knocks at my office door when I’m not in there… and also at night when I go to the loo and it won’t let me go back to sleep as it wants to lay on my chest like it did when it was a kitten (bad habbit) but it’s furry and warm so I don’t mind! He won’t shut up until I lay flat either!

Whilst you’re reading this far, please take a moment to sign the following petition:

Having worked and been associated with Club 85 in Hitchin for many many years, I know first hand what it’s like having people move in to the locality of a long established music venue only to complain about noise levels. To add, most venues need to follow local council regulations for noise anyway. Eg. After 12 or 1 am the PA has to be turned down/off.